Plenary Speaker

Carson Pue

Carson Pue is recognized as a leader of leaders. He is known globally through his mentoring of Christian leaders and is the best selling author of Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Calling, Character and Competency and three other titles. Known for his masterful storytelling and innovative mentoring style, Carson equips leaders with remarkable wisdom and spiritual insights behind what it takes to be a leader today. Building teams and leading successful businesses and organizations, Carson knows our world and what it means to lead today. As a mentor, Carson can help leaders ‘look around corners’ and be prepared. He is often called upon by executive leaders to serve as their thinking catalyst for tough strategic situations that define the impact and legacy of their organizations.

Carson holds degrees from University of Calgary and Trinity Western University and has been honoured by Crandall University (Moncton) receiving their leadership award. Then in 2014 Carson was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada.

Widowed from Brenda, his wife of 40 years, Carson now lives between Keats Island, British Columbia where he is starting a mentorship GAP year program for young adults; Vancouver near his three sons and daughters by marriage and seven who call him “Grandpa”. He also spends time in Northern Ireland for writing and restoration. A lover of writing, sailing, Ireland, cities, and family, Carson lives to place God at the centre of his life, his leadership, and his relationships, and to encourage younger leaders to do the same.


What Does it Mean to Trust God? 

What does it mean to trust God as an individual and as a school?  What does our behaviour say about how much we trust Him?  Carson will help us think about what trusting God looks like in the way we talk and act, both personally and in our organizations.


Development and Trust (Carson Pue)
What does it mean to trust God in the development work in our schools?  Carson will help us explore current demographic and cultural trends that impact donors’ views of our organizations and in turn their giving. 

Finance, Mission and the Spirit (Carson Pue)
What does it mean to trust God as a finance specialist?  Carson will lead us in a conversation about the importance of understanding the school’s mission and how the finance department should align with and contribute to that mission.

Current Legal Topics for Schools (Brayden Volkenant / Ken Volkenant)
Brayden will provide a legal update on current employment and human rights issues, including recent cases around employment contract law. Ken will focus on governance, bylaws and charity issues related to independent schools.

Canadian Pension & Benefits Update (Howard Van Mersbergen)
An update will be provided on the transition of the pension plan from Christian Schools International to its new sponsorship under Christian Education Benefits Solutions and how Candian schools and employees may benefit from this change. 

Ending Well: Probation and Terminations (Wendy Leong)
Ending the employment relationship through a termination is not pleasant for the employee or the employer.  This workshop will cover the legal requirements for probationary periods and terminations, as well suggestions on how to handle these situations in a way that shows grace and preserves the dignity of the staff member – important for anyone in a supervisory position. 

The Duty to Accommodate (Wendy Leong)
Employers in British Columbia have a duty to accommodate employees’ physical or mental disabilities. This means that if an employee has a disabling condition, the employer must consider what can be done to maintain the employment relationship before firing them.  What does this mean in the context of an independent Christian school?  This workshop will provide important insights for administrators and business office staff. 

Working with Heads of School and Boards (Ed Noot)
The business and development offices provide key support for heads of school, boards, and board committees as they fulfil their roles of managing school operations and planning for the future.  Ed will provide insights and share his experience on how finance and development staff can foster these important relationships. 

Advancement 101 – Bailing & Fishing (Chris Berghuis, Tom Grasmeyer, Cathy Kits)
This is a session for those newer to the work of Admissions, Communications & Marketing, or Development, or those who need a refresher. We will be providing a high-level overview that addresses role clarity, needs clarity, priority clarity, and strategic clarity.

The Christian School Foundation: What’s This, Now? (Tony Kamphuis)
Tony will provide an introduction to the Christian School Foundation, an update on the SCSBC pilot project, and a look at why this might be the right fit for your school. 

Communication & Conflict Resolution (Lori Fieber)
Fielding criticism and complaints is challenging, especially when there are high emotions involved and a lot at stake. While we need to be able to hear what another person is saying, we find ourselves feeling like we want to defend ourselves instead. We also need to be able to communicate clearly the perspective we have, but that information is sometimes softened or avoided in an effort to keep the other person happy. These sessions will look at the role of Trust in conflict situations, specifically in circumstances when individuals become polarized into groups based on different perspectives on a significant issue. Training sessions are participatory and practice based, along with instruction and demonstration. Real life scenarios offered by participants are often very useful as a learning context. 

Part I: Exploring the Role of Trust in Conflict Situations
Trust and Agreement. Are they the same thing? 

“I trust you!” Why? What is it that encourages me to trust someone? How can I trust someone who disagrees with me so completely about something so important? 

Part II: Building Trust When You Can’t Agree
Make sure you can trust yourself. What do you need to take good care of yourself in this situation? 

Being a trustworthy person. Skills and behaviour that foster the trust of others. Whom do you ultimately trust? Identifying who is responsible, and for what. “Know your limit…”  

Building trust in a suspicious world (Anna Marie White)
Can Christians be trusted? Are we known to be trustworthy? This past year has seen some alarming developments for Christianity in Canada, and in particular, its institutions. Should ‘others’ – like those in your community – be suspicious of Christians? Do we deserve that?

Whether we do or don’t deserve it, this erosion of trust has significant implications for how we relate to our support communities and beyond. Join this workshop to explore six key ways you can bolster trust in your everyday organizational relationships.

Workshop Speakers

Lori Fieber

Lori Fieber is an alumnus of Vancouver Christian School and the parent of two VCS/Carver Christian High School grads. She has studied with the International Institute for Restorative Practices and the Justice Institute of BC. Nelson Avenue Community Church has been her church home for over 25 years, and the lovely City of New Westminster has been her husband’s and her home for 7 years. Lori’s practice has been developed in church and para church settings, coaching people to engage well in tricky situations, facilitating groups towards common goals, mediating different parties towards deeper understanding and collaborative decision making, and providing workshops to equip attendees with skills for life.

Wendy Leong

Passionate about supporting organisations to achieve success, Wendy Leong is a skilled senior Human Resources Consultant with more than 20 years of experience working with leaders to maximise and support the effectiveness of their workforce. Wendy is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with a bachelor’s degree from UBC and a diploma in HR from BCIT. In late 2017, Wendy returned to Vancouver after 15 years living and working in sunny Brisbane, Australia and currently works as an independent consultant offering HR solutions to businesses. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys serving on the Board of Vancouver Christian School, spending time with her family and trying to adjust back to the cold and wet Vancouver weather.

Anna Marie White

In addition to running a consulting practice, Anna Marie teaches public relations at the University of Victoria. Formerly VP of Communications at Focus on the Family Canada, she is a Regent College graduate, holds a Masters in Corporate Communications and consults with churches and other non-profit organizations across Canada in a broad range of strategic communications.

Chris Berghuis

Chris Berghuis

Meeting his future wife at Urbana, an IVCF student missions conference, helped set Chris up for a life of adventure. Catharine, Chris and their three teenaged sons moved to Victoria in 2012 as Chris joined the team at Pacific Christian School as the Development Director. A former science and middle school teacher in Langley and Maple Ridge, between the two West Coast experiences he had the opportunity to serve as the National Manager of Church Relations for World Vision Canada, the Campaign and Development Director at Redeemer University College and the Executive Director of Manitoba Pioneer Camp, part of Inter-Varsity’s national camping movement. Chris’ varied work experience and education position him well for the current community at PCS.

Tom Grasmeyer

Tom Grasmeyer

Tom Grasmeyer is the Development Director at Bulkley Valley Christian School in Smithers, BC. Prior to BVCS, Tom worked in the commercial print industry as a small business owner, graphic designer and production manager. As a current parent, former board member and now Development Director, he is passionately engaged with the idea of seeing students and families thrive in the mission and ministry of Christian education. Tom is an alum of Langley Christian School, Fraser Valley Christian High and Trinity Western University.

Tony Kamphuis

Tony believes that Christian education is a powerful force that can influence our culture for Christ. After thirty-three years of experience in Christian education as a teacher, administrator, and now as the Christian School Foundation (Canada)’s President & CEO, he is keen to see the Foundation serve Christian schools by helping them thrive into the future, even as it serves donors by empowering them to make a real difference for God’s Kingdom. Tony received his BA from Calvin College, his MA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and holds a Christian School Teachers Certificate as well as an Ontario Teaching Certificate.

Braydon Volkenant

Brayden Volkenant

Brayden is an associate at the law firm of De Jager Volkenant & Company. Brayden specializes in the area of employment, human rights, and dispute resolution. He has represented clients in the Human Rights Tribunal and various Courts in B.C. Brayden enjoys speaking and presenting on employment topics and educating clients on best practices in hiring, dismissal, as well as employment standards, privacy, and human rights matters. Brayden is an alumnus of Surrey Christian School (’07) and Trinity Western University (’12) where he studied business and played varsity soccer. Brayden also studied law at the University of Alberta (’18) and was called to the B.C. bar in 2019. He is currently involved in his local community of Cloverdale by serving on the Board of Directors of his church and coaching his son’s soccer team, one of four he is raising with his wife Katrina.

Ken Volkenant

Ken is a partner in the law firm of De Jager Volkenant & Company. Called to the British Columbia Bar in 1987, he carries on a solicitor’s practice in the areas of corporate and commercial law, wills and estates and real estate development. Ken specializes in the area of charity law, incorporating non-profit organizations, charities, and foundations, and assisting organizations with governance matters, restructuring, amalgamations, cooperative ventures, property transactions and development programs. Ken also advises charities regarding legal risk management, asset protection and planned giving and fundraising programs. Ken is a frequent presenter on topics related to charities and planned giving and serves on the boards and advisory committees of several non-profit and charitable organizations. Ken resides in Surrey British Columbia with his wife Sandee, a passionate teacher.

Howard Van Mersbergen

Howard is the Vice President of Employee Benefits at Christian Schools International. Howard’s responsibilities include working with the Canada and US Employee Benefit Trustee boards in providing health and retirement programs for CSI member schools. He is involved with the design, administration and communication of the plans and the investment of plan assets. A graduate of Dordt College he holds certification as a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Employee Benefit Specialist.

Cathy Kits

In 2015 Cathy joined the team at SCSBC as the Director of Development where she is responsible for providing resources and leadership to Christian schools in their development initiatives as they seek to grow enrolment, build strong community, develop fundraising strategies, engage in capital campaigns and strive to maintain long term financial sustainability. She thrives on the synergy of professionals working collaboratively to turn challenges into opportunities.

Ed Noot

Ed began his service as the executive director of SCSBC in August, 2014. As well as being responsible for the organization as a whole, his duties focus on leadership, governance, policy development and interfacing with associated organizations such as Federation of Independent School Associations, Christian Schools Canada, Christian Schools International. Ed passionately believes that Christian education is as relevant and necessary today as it ever has been, and it brings him great joy to serve in an organization that seeks to help Christian schools flourish.

Tracey Yan

As SCSBC’s Director of Finance, Tracey’s responsibilities include consulting with schools on financial management issues, producing benchmarking reports for member schools, administering financial health reviews, providing support for the SCSBC School Budget Template and support and review of the SCSBC Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts, and facilitating conferences and discussion groups for school business personnel.

Luke Vandevert (The Arctic)

Worship Leader: Luke Vandevert (The Arctic)

The Arctic is the creative moniker of Luke Vandevert, a Canadian/American songwriter and filmmaker residing in British Columbia. Originally from Ketchikan Alaska, Luke has an affinity for the ocean and the cold. Having one foot in the music and one foot in the film allows for a lot to be creative. Whether it’s writing songs for life and worship or directing a friend’s music video, The Arctic strives to bring those worlds together under the banner of faith and friendship. Luke has teamed up with many talented artists in both music and film, including Brian Doerksen, Carolyn Arends, Amy Grant, Ryan McAllister, Coalmont, Marika, Carly Reirson, Achor, Daniel Kikkert, Alex Toney, and many more